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Satu and Jukka Uusitalo

Kanteenmaantie 973, 32440 Alastaro

Phone: Satu 040 7796 056 ja Jukka 040 7457 734

Email: ylijyrkkiontila(at)


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Ylijyrkkioe’s Farm locates in Loimaa, the village of Alastaro’s Koski.

Earlier my grandmother’s place, the current home, we live together with my husband Jukka and three children of elementary school age.

Jukka is an agrologist and works as a tractor dealer in Loimaa Valtra.

I have studied textile artisan a long time ago. There is no doubt that this “big professional love” for wool  and its versatile use have influenced me and current works.

Older children of the family live partially on their own, but they come on holidays and weekends to say hello to us and our daily life.

– Satu –